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Featured : The Wedding Chicks

I am excited beyond comprehension! I visit the Wedding Chicks blog for inspiration almost daily and for Brigitta & Adrian’s Vintage Glamour photo shoot to be featured in there was such a huge honor for me! It looks so simple but it’s unbelievable the amounts of work and planning involved in a shoot like this. I’m so lucky to have the greatest team around and after so much effort, it was definitely worth it! Go visit it, here’s the link

With Love, LARA

Danielle - Absolutely beautiful photos Lara!!!! Congrats!

ray santana - Major congrats… Goodtimes

Tami - The pictures are breathtaking! Congrats on the Wedding Chicks post, it’s fabulous!!

Feuza - so beautiful, congrats!!

Laurie Bracewell - So awesome Lara! Congratulations on the feature!! You deserve it. :)

Wedding Styled Shoot : Brigitta + Adrian

You might all remember Brigitta and Adrian from the vintage photo shoot at the “Vintage Emporium” back in May. Probably you already read the story but I literally “found” Brigitta eating at a Mexican restaurant. I was planning this vintage photo shoot in my mind and I just needed the model. The perfect girl with that beautiful, vintagy, almost angelical kind of look. Not an easy task, right? Well, when things are meant to be, the Universe conspires with you and everything happens like magic. There she was, eating in front of me waiting to be discovered and voila! You be the judge yourself, she is scandalously beautiful… Oh! Thank you Maritza for introducing me to my new favorite word: SCANDALOUS!!! LOL. Brigitta and Adrian, thank you so much, you guys are beautiful people inside and out. I’m so grateful I met you both and I hope we’ll keep hanging out in the future.

As you can imagine a photo shoot like this takes a lot of time of course, lots of planning, shopping, sketching, visualizing and most importantly: COLLABORATION. I’m lucky enough to have met the most wonderful team of professionals in the last months that helped me make this vision a reality, my girls: Maritza of Makeup by Marz, the most talented and sensitive makeup artist I’ve known. Claudia from The Art of Hair, who by the way was due to have her baby in less than 2 weeks and she’s such a trooper she committed no matter what. And last but definitely not least, my dear friend, wedding cake baker and event coordinator, Gabriela Jimenez who not only volunteered her gorgeous house for the shoot but she did all the flower arrangements and beautiful bouquet and also was the best host in the world (not a surprise there). THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. The three of you are the best of the best, you all rocked and I couldn’t have done any of this without your valuable help. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We make a fabulous team and that’s for sure!!! And now, without any further ado… The incredibly fabulous: Brigitta & Adrian!

With Love, LARA



Colby - Any idea where her dress is from? I’m in love with it and looking into having a vintage wedding.

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Marietta Carter-Narcisse - Brigitta is my son’s friend and he pointed out the photos to me. I am a makeup artist and I love the look. Beautiful photos. I love the setting, especially the tea settings amongst the roses. Love it. I also love a few of the other very interesting shots you have posted below. I appreciate the texture and depth of your artistry. Beautiful work.

Darling - “AMAZING” – way to go Lara. I hadn’t seen these images “WOW” – love the attention to detail, the setting, the crystal clear images, and the spark on the subjects eyes. Love them all!

Laurie Bracewell - LOVE these!! And love the light! So beautiful!

henry - What can I say Lara, LOVE IT!!!!!

sharon snow - Yikes! This is AMAZING Lara! I love your vision and creative ability, and Brigitta is perfect for these shots. I love the one of her laying down looking back at the camera, GORGEOUS! You just happened to nail the exposure as well. Seriously Girl, you are on. your. way.

Michele Mallet - For sure I will let you know about my renewal of wedding vows! Your creative talent is unquestionably what we want! Keep blessing all of us with your amazing skills. Love the whole Antique look…totally exquisite!

Cinthya - Great Pics Lara! Beautiful wedding!

Edward Rios - Wow! You just keep getting better and better! I love this pics and you! Besos~

Charlee - Applause!!! Also love the tablescaping!! Very very nice! Who are you using for makeup?

Maria Brito - Simple, Elegant and AMAZING.

Michele Mallet - Simply Gorgeous! Great job Lara!

Sara Bell - Simply beautiful!!

maritza - Oh Lara! I have no words to describe how lucky I feel to have met such a talented and genuine individual as yourself who shares the same artistic vision as me…truly a match made in heaven<3 It was so awesome collaborating with you on this project…and of course, once again you delivered jaw-dropping images!!

Epiphany Catholic Church Miami Wedding : Olga & Jose

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to go with Ray Santana to the most gorgeous and sophisticated wedding I have ever been. Over 1500 guests gathered in to celebrate Olga and Jose’s nuptials. The setting was a spectacular lush garden where no detail was overlooked. It was like being in a party at a Resort more than a wedding: I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E to say the least. The bride, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, wore an Oscar de la Renta gown and Christian Louboutin shoes. It was simply amazing, glamorous and so elegant.

With Love, LARA

ashleigh - these are beautiful lara!! what raw talent you have ;)

Luisana Roncajolo - Me encantan las fotos,la de la novia y el vestido quedó espectacular,te felicito!!

-brittany- - These are so awesome Lara! I am in love with that dress shot! What a fabulous fabulous opportunity!!!

D - you got skills my friend! and hello, what beautiful shoes!!!

Jennifer Brotchie - soo beautiful and cute! Love the sneakers! Keep it up girl!

Regina - Very nice work. Keep it up love em all.

Gavin Wade - Hey Lara!

Yeah…I think after that wedding we are ALL spoiled! It was so much fun seeing you again and hanging out! Great photos! It was such a fun day :) Hopefully Ray has me out again soon! Keep up the amazing work. I’ll say it again…I wish I had your eye and technical abilities when I was just starting out….sheesh!! Great work :)

Sara Bell - Beautiful – you have a natural eye – the technical will come – “little by little” :-)

Maria Brito - VERY NICE WORK. Looking forward to meeting you in April.

Vintage Styled Shoot : Karen

My beautiful French friend Karen and I took a vintage trip to Sunrise Blvd where I found this old abandoned train in the middle of the city. And since today I had to return the rental camera :( we had exactly 45 minutes to finish this shoot. It was a little CRAZY!!! I was sweating and rushing like a mad woman – not that I’m not usually like that already. Sadly this was my last shoot until I rent the camera again in February. I still have a lot of pictures to upload but because yesterday I had the Portfolio+Workshop all day, today I’m exhausted so this post is a short one and to the point.  Tomorrow I need to be inspired to write about my experience with this INCREDIBLE group of photographers!  That’s going to be a good one but now I’m going to sleep because I don’t even know what I’m writing anymore… Oh! by the way, isn’t she gorgeous?

With Love, LARA

Maria Brito - I love this place. I did my nephew’s 3rd Bday photos here. Very nice shots!!

anna kim - WOWZERS!!! Nice work Lara!

Regina White - Very very nostalgic. Love em. So fun and bright.

ashleigh - wow lara!!! i’m impressed!!! these are stunning!!! you go girl ;)


Kirk - Une telle beauté ! Karen est étonnante – elle est futée, douée, gracieuse et élégante, et absolument belle.