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Vizcaya Museum Engagement : Sarah & Drew

Can you picture a more perfect couple in any better environment? I can’t. Sarah and I met years ago while working for the same company. Back in the day, when we were working for EDSA, I would have never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, that one day I was going to turn my life upside down, become a wedding photographer and even less, taking pictures of Sarah and her fiance, Drew. We didn’t work for the same studio nor even on the same floor, so we were what it’s called “acquaintances” (first time in my life I write or even say this word – LOL) Anyway, a couple of years had gone by, both our lives took different directions and suddenly she’s been put back on my path… Sarah’s got engaged to a wonderful man and they’re planning their wedding. And here we are… not acquaintances anymore but – dare I say – FRIENDS. I have grown so fond of Sarah and I’m so proud to be now her wedding photographer.

Last week I posted some pictures about the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and how much I would love to shoot a wedding there. When Sarah, who is one of my loyal blog readers, saw it, she jumped to the opportunity and said that she always wanted to have her pictures taken there… so that’s it… Voila! Perfect romantic location, the weather and the sun were glorious and Sarah and Drew… well… so in love! We shot this e-session the day before Drew was being deployed until next year so needless to say, this shoot was kind of a bittersweet and very emotional for both of them! You know, but in no time they’ll be together again, for the wedding!!! I’m so fortunate to be a tiny part of all this and I feel so GRATEFUL…

Super special thanks to the beautiful work of the Uber-Duper-Talented Claudia from The Art Of Hair – I LOVED Sarah’s hair so much – and of course the lovely Maritza from Make Up by Marz! You ladies are an incredible team!!!

With Love, LARA

Leslie - These are one of the most amazing engagement pictures I have ever seen. You and Drew look beautiful in all of them. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Love ya, Leslie

Sara Bell - WOW!! Lara, you have outdone yourself and Sarah, absolutely gorgeous!! Job well done ladies (and Drew)- I can’t even pick a favorite – I love them all xoxo

Alex - Wow this is so beautiful!

Sharon - Wow I think this is one of the most gorgeous engagement session I’ve seen… What a beautiful place and what an incredibly good looking couple!

Claudia - Awesome pictures great location & great people! Sarah looks so beautiful shes so tall like a supermodel. :) Love them!

Paulina - —— Lack of words! I got goosebumps. Lara you are so amazing, really capture the LOVE! Sarah & Drew – Perfect <3

Liz Dale - What amazing pictures! Love them all. Sarah and Drew make one georgeous couple. I wish them nothing but happiness.

joan and Dick Rogers - Joan and I have a particular fondness for Viscaya. For many years Joan was a guide there and for a couple of years, the president of the guides. We have many fond memories of the place and events including the wedding of our youngest son.

You two are a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing.

Miranda Estes - So, so, so beautiful! Love these, especially the one in front of the “boat!”

Diana Simmons - Ohhh… Sarah and Drew look so happy in love. I love Vizcaya and you got the best lighting in the world. I can’t wait to see their wedding pictures ;-)


Sofia Vitale - Wow she is so fabulously gorgeous like you’d say, and they make such a good couple, they both look like models!! Are they? Anyways, stunning pictures as usual, you never disappoint my friend!!!!!

LILITA S. - Gorgeous backlighting in these images Lara. I really like all the different poses, angles, everything :) Love your blog.
Besos y mas exitos!!

Emily Baer - I’m trying to find the word to describe this shoot… I think this is my favorite engagement session… EVER! I love everything about it. Your composition is amazing and the backlit sun to die for. Breath taking for sure. That’s a really good looking couple by the way. They’re hot :P

Adela Redondo - Gorgeous photos. I can’t wait for our turn there!

Susana J. - She looks like a super model…. Love Love Love them ALL :)

ERICA - Beautiful couple. Beautiful location. Beautiful lighting. Beautiful pictures. Should I say more?

Natalia - Fantastic! Looks perfect for a magazine…Sarah looks amazing! Congrats to the very happy couple.

Justine Henriques - My goodness the pics are amazing. Both look wonderful you can see the love between Sarah and Drew through the pics! Great location.

Karla - What a lovely couple! And you got to shoot at a location you love, Lara.

Brittany Hajek - You did a wonderful job capturing the love Sarah and Drew share!

Sarah Kate Snyder - Holy smokes those photos are AMAZING! I can’t decide which I love most – the setting, the couple or the pics themselves!!

Aida Luna - Seriously? Oh my god what a gorgeous shoot of a gorgeous couple. Love that place :)

Sarah Mercer - AAaahhhhh! Love, Love, LOVE them!!!! You’re the best!!!!

Stephanie - Can I say that for the first time I have no words? Wow Wow Lara these are STUNNING! Really! and she’s gooorgeous. Is she a model? I can’t wait to see how you capture their wedding.

Vivian Guerra - OMG! BREATHTAKING to say the least… This is by far your most stunning photo shoot ever Lara. I can’t believe how beautiful these are. The lighting is incredible! Not to mention the couple, they’re both gorgeous!
Love, Vivi

South Beach Engagement : Eli & Andy : Part 1

I’m going to start by saying that I have the best couples in the world! I know I’ve said this before but it’s true! From the moment I met Eli, we had an instant connection. Andy was cool and I can tell his purpose in life was only to please her. We sat down in our first meeting and he just said “Whatever she wants…” So I have to tell you, I love men like that, they are smart, they know that happy wife = happy life. Kudos for Andy!!! Not only that but he gave Eli the coolest pair of Christian Louboutins – which by the way he picked – for our engagement session… Now, how cool is that? But how can he not? I totally get it! He just got the best girl EVER. Eli is the nicest, most bubbly, funny, high and positive energy and GORGEOUS girl in the world. I can tell they both feel very lucky to have each other, and trust me, I’m very lucky for having them as one of my couples!!!

The day was super cloudy and rainy… We were all a little concern that this engagement session wasn’t going to happen at all… but it did. We’ve got together in South Beach and just for one hour we had the most gorgeous blue sky and soft sun! I decided to role play, and asked them to pretend they have been seeing each other for two months only and they were vacationing in sexy South Beach! It worked like a charm and we had the best time ever… That was until – of course – a huge hurricanic black dense mass of water got on top of us and it started raining… but it’s ok, because we’ve got stunning shots and we decided to leave the last part of our session – The Beach – for later on this year!!! I love what we’ve got in such a little time and I know a lot more is coming from these two. I hope you like them!

With Love, LARA

rich - Wow!!!!
Thats one handsome big big boy!!!

rich - Wow!!!!
Thats one handsome boy!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Marie - Dear Andy and Eli, Congratulations to you both on the joy that you have found, and it is so apparent in these beautiful photos. May all the years ahead, abound with eternal love. Love, Aunt Marie

Kelley - These pictures are amazing! Els – you look SPECTACULAR! And Andy – you worked it! ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics! Can’t wait to see part two!

Shannon Sherrill - Lara you are such an inspiration. Your work pops off the screen, it’s so beautiful and the colors, the compositions and lighting superb. Oh and let’s not forget that gorgeous couple… What a stunning girl!!
Love, Shannon

barby - Although I am not a fan of engagement pictures I must say they were quite tasteful and can’t wait till the wedding the lucky lady will look like a princess for sure. Love you both :)

Aida - Laaaraaaaa! What a beautiful session and what a gorgeous couple. The lighting in her hair is so pretty! You always have this special eye and talent to bring the best out of your models… It’s amazing! Congratulations, absolutely breathtaking images :)

Tia Ada - Eli you have always shine since you were a little girl. Always been sweet and beautiful, always stood out and exceeded in everything you did. You choose your perfect match! you look beautiful as always in these pictures and will make a gorgeous bride. I wish you both all the love and happpiness in your marriage and may god bless you both. Love always tia Ada

Odette - Eli & Andy you got a great photographer, but she got a beautiful, fantastic couple to work with. They say good things come to those who wait and these pictures show… that Andy and Eli … waiting for each other was the best thing you could have done. I love you guys and am glad to be a part of your lives. I can’t wait to for the next chapter. xoxo

D. - You both look amazing on your own; but together, you radiate…i love you both….

Ariana Marie - Ooh La La!!! Love Love Love this pictures! What a sweet couple!

Cristina Rodriguez - The pictures are amazing! Eli you look Beautiful! Congrats to you both!

KAREN - What a beautiful couple. I can feel their love radiate through every single picture. Lara you are an intuitive and very talented photographer!

Marisa - AMAZING!! you look gorgeous and you gusy look so happy. Congratulations – I cant wait to celebrate with you!!

Vivian Guerra - Wow! These images are breathtaking Lara! I love her dress and smile! And the backlit pictures are stunning! They look so sweet & in love :) I just can imagine how beautiful their wedding pictures are going to be… Love! Vivi

Ivonne - I love all the pictures…..You guys look great….Can’t wait for the wedding…..Enjoy every moment of this wedding planning….Lara you did a great job capturing the special moments of the beautiful couple.

Angie - Eli – you look stunning – I am so happy for you. You are glowing in each and every picture!!!

Tiff - GO-GO-GORGEOUS! It’s all I’m gonna say :) XOXO

Stephanie - I love their laughs and expressions… you always capture it so well! Beautiful lighting, I can’t believe it started raining with that sun! GORGEOUS Lara!

Jessi - Lara your pictures are so pretty! I never had an engagement session with my husband but after looking at ALL your pictures we decided we want to have a photo shoot (not engagement of course) with you! I’ll email you… I hope you’ll make me look this beautiful :) :) :) I can’t wait!
Love, Jessica

Sofia Vitale - Lara! How come EVERY SINGLE COUPLE in your blog looks like models out of a magazine??? Oh my God! How spectacular are these two! Love the pictures, the colors, the sun, the setting.. and the shoes, hahaha

Isa Ferradas (mom) - Lara, I don’t personally know you but I have heard a lot about you…..and everything I heard is so true!! you are amazing…you captured Eli and Andy’s expression so good! their happiness and their love is shown in all of the pictures. Thank you so much for the beautiful job..can’t wait to see part two. I (of course) want to buy them all.
Isa Ferradas

Andy - Wow, Wow, Wow! Lara, you truly revealed to the world Eli’s inner and outer beauty. I am a very lucky man to have such a gorgeous woman by my side. I love you Monkey!

Ma. Gabriela - FABULOUS HAIR!! Love every single picture ^.^

Andy - Wow, wow, wow! Lara, you truly revealed to the world Eli’s outer and inner beauty. I am truly a very lucky man to have such a gorgeous woman by my side. I love you Monkey.

Emily Baer - I just love love this session, the colors are sooo nice!

Lucia V. - OMG! She is so gorgeous and sexy!! Where do you get your couples? Jeezzzz… I adore these pictures, beautiful work!

Nicole Murray - Lara, I love your creamy backgrounds…. :) simply stunning photos like always…. and how adorable are they? Love the Louboutins, of course!

Danielle - Are you serious? How do you always take the most beautiful pictures? I LOVE THEM ALL… You never disappoint Lara ;)

Laura M. - What a cute couple and beautiful images! I love her hair, and that shot with the sun behind, wow! Gorgeous.

Emiliana - Great looking couple as always and great shots… as always :)

eli - Lara!!! You are the best! Thank you so much for these amazing pictures. We had so much and we love them! You are truly a very special and talented photographer. We can wait for part 2 and our wedding. xoxo, Eli

Las Olas Blvd. Engagement : Erin & Erik

From the moment I opened my house door and I saw Erin and Erik I though “WOW!!!” What a gorgeous couple. She has the most beautiful eyes and after photographing them for almost two hours I still can’t tell if they are green or blue or gray or purple… but Wow eyes for sure!

Erin and Erik just got engaged on October 16th in the Sinatra Park on the Hudson overlooking NYC, now can we say ROMANTIC? They have been living on separate cities – him in NYC and her here in South FL – and the day of our engagement session Erin told me that it was her last day at work because she is moving to New York to be with him… at that moment he proudly said “We can’t stay without each other anymore” Ahhh… That is S-W-E-E-T! at that moment I knew, these are two love birds!!! I LOVE IT.

There is some special glow in couples that just got engaged, it’s like they radiate love all over the place. The day of our session they came directly from the airport where Erin was picking him up after not seeing each other for 5 days… Oh Boy! they were totally all over each other, it was perfect! So I decided from this moment I’m going to ask my couples to not see each other for at least 3 days before their session, you’ll see how they react! It was awesome. Of course, the fact that she looks like a Victoria’s Secret model and he seems like came out of a GQ magazine helps a little but it’s really their love and their expressions and emotions that make these pictures what they are… so real! We had a great time shooting and just walking the streets and alleyways around Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, I hope you like them as much as I do!

With Love, LARA

Luz - love these pictures. when i look at this awoseme family i can’t help to smile with them. You guys did a great job capturing that bubbly personality there whole family has. love love love these.

Emily Baer - Hi Lara! I’m always stalking your blog but it’s the first time I leave a comment. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your work. I don’t know what you do to always have such beautiful people but besides that, your pictures are STUNNING and real and very artsy… Thanks for the inspiration. This e-session is precious!

Tiffany Jordan - OMG! I wish I would have known you when I’ve got married! Your pictures are so beautiful, the way you capture every moment feels so real and so artistic at the same time. This couple is stunning of course but you have a special eye and a superb talent!
Many blessings to you, Tiff :)

Courtney Maki - Hi Lara, first time visitor! Love your work and the blog, great personality in your shots! Keep up the good work!

Alicia P. - AWESOMENESS! They look like such a fun couple and so in love. Beautiful job Lara as usual!

Anna Dattalo - What a gorgeous couple. Great pics. Thanks Cuz for sharing them with me. Congrats Erin & Erik. Your mom is so excited for you both.

Nicole - I love these street-urban style pictures! And the ring is to die for, I would have liked to try it on too :) hahaha

Vivian Guerra - Love every single one! :) What a fabulous couple! They look SO in love too.

Aida - That girl is go-go-gorgeous! Beautiful pictures as always Lara!! I’m your fan #1.

Erica M. - OMG! These pictures are so beautiful and the lighting is breathtaking! Love them all!

Michele Caridad - Lara:
As usual you amaze me with your eye for detail, your composition and amazing ability to just capture the moment, the people and their beauty…

Girl, you’ve got talent!


Jessica Fieser - Love it! These are great pictures!

Shannon - Your pictures pop off the screen, so pretty, the composition is awesome. Great location too ;-) Love it!

Jessica Wagner - What a cute couple and beautiful images! I can’t believe how natural you get your couples to look in your sessions!

Lilita Santander - OMG Lara! These pictures are stunning, I love the colors and what a beautiful couple, they really look like models!

Sarah Kate - Wow! Beyond gorgeous – what a handsome pair! ;)

Marriott’s Harbor Beach Wedding : Megan & Kevin

October 23rd was the date Megan & Kevin chose for their wedding… The day started with a weather report of 0% precipitation – Wow – and a room full of ladies filled with emotions and excitement! Megan was calmed and very sure she wasn’t going to cry although she usually cries in other people’s wedding :) They picked the Marriott’s Harbor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale as their secluded paradise to get ready and celebrate afterwards.

From the moment I met Kevin and Megan personally I felt right away we were going to click! They both told me though that they weren’t the kind of people that like to pose in front of a camera. Well, that’s ok because my kind of photography is not so posey either but I have to tell you, they made me proud, they did everything I told them and they both look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in their pictures!

Everything went so smooth, the ceremony was held at Saint Anthony Catholic Church and we even took an hour afterwards to go to The Broward Center for the Performing Arts to take some extra shots of the bridal party and the newlyweds. It was PERFECTION and a lot of fun.

All I can say is that everything was so beautiful, Megan and Kevin are such really nice and loving people and they were obviously surrounded by so much love from everybody. It was a real honor for Edward and I to be there for them! I send them my Love and my wishes for a marriage that will last forever!

With Love, LARA


kristy - Amazing pictures!!!!!!! what a beautiful couple.

Kim - Oh my… Breathtaking pictures! Love everything, the dress, the shoes, the colors, the bride. Simply stunning :) Love following your blog!

Tracy Motte - Oh Gosh Lara I love your pictures! What a beautiful wedding. love the navy blue and yellow, so elegant!

Kevin Quinn - Lara- you and Edward did the impossible…Make me look good the in the pics! Megan looks amazingly beautiful as I knew she would. I can’t wait to the see the rest of them.

Rebecca - Lara, You absolutely, never disappoint! Beautiful! I wonder how come your clients look always so happy :)

Elizabeth Lamas - Stunning as always! Such a beautiful wedding captured amazingly!

Jessica Wagner - If I was that bride I would be crying tears of happiness! What a beautiful wedding story… you captured it so well, as always! I totally love the B&W from the first look where he’s kissing her chick, Ohhh!!!!! Stunning!

Megan Quinn - Wow Lara!! These are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for everything. You and your husband are extremely talented. I can not wait to see the rest!!!

Angel R. - These pictures are amazing. We need to schedule our engagement pictures soon. Can’t wait.

Sarah Kate - What beautiful, elegant wedding!

Aida F. - Seriously? These images are Oh-So-Gooorgeous!! Love them all! You have some talent girl! XOXO

Catherine Richards - Amazing as usual, what a beautiful wedding and gorgeous couple. You really captured their emotions and happiness! I love the pictures of the dress and the shoes in the door, that’s really cool!

Karen - BREATHTAKING Lara!!! I think these are my favorite of them all, and trust me I’m a big fan of yours!!! I want to get married again and hire you as my wedding photographer, you and your husband are very talented! :)

Michele Caridad - Gorgeous! i love the detail of the high heels and the door hardware…as an architect/interior designer, that touches my heart!

as always Lara…you put your all into the pictures and it shows everytime!

Jennifer Fergang-Gill - I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE THESE PICTURES! Wow Lara, Amazing! What a nice couple.

Stephanie - What a beautiful bride and gorgeous wedding! Lara you are one incredibly talented photographer! And so is Edward!

Vivian G - OMG Lara! These ARE SSSSTUNNING!!! You never stop surprising me with your Fabulous pictures.

Timeline : Create a Wedding Schedule


Since every wedding is different and some couples opt to have a first look and others don’t, what I’m going to do is give you a reference of what amount of time each block of the wedding day take, specially when it comes to TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS! If you are the kind of bride who believes photography is a priority, it is very important that you schedule enough time for them! Of course there is always going to be some level of chaos, that’s kind of fun actually, but the more organized and the more time you allocate for pictures, the more abundance of them you will end up having.


• Arrive at bride’s getting ready location and greet!

• Gather and start photographing details: the dress, shoes, rings, jewelry, garter, bouquets if available, etc.  { 30 Minutes }

• Bride getting hair and make up done, with some make up already on (of course) and candids  { 30 Minutes }

• Bride puts her dress on with the help of bridesmaids/mother  { 30 Minutes }

• Pictures of bride alone and bride with bridesmaids { 30 Minutes }

• Pictures of bride and bridesmaids { 15 Minutes }

• Bride and groom first look pictures (if chosen by the couple) followed by portraits  { 30-60 Minutes }

• Bridal party pictures  { 15 Minutes }

• Immediate family pictures  { 15 Minutes }

• Ceremony

• Family pictures/formals right after the ceremony  { 15-30 Minutes }

• Optional photos of bride and groom if they didn’t opt for the first look  { 30-60 Minutes }

• Second shooter takes candids of guests at cocktail hour { 60 Minutes }

• Reception details: Ballroom, table tops, cake, stationery, lighting logo, specialty drinks, etc.  { 15-30 Minutes }

From this point there is no need to allocate time for pictures since everything is covered as it unfolds…

• Bridal party announced

• Bride and groom grand entrance

• First dance

• Optional dance with parents

• Dinner served / Food stations open

• Toasts

• Dancing

• Cake cutting

• Garter & bouquet toss

• Bride and groom’s exit (if applicable)

I hope this helps you design your wedding leaving enough time for everything. We know we don’t necessarily live in a perfect world but if we plan ahead we have better chances to cover every little detail so you will be super happy with all of your wedding pictures! You can always contact me with questions or if you need help figuring this out!

With Love, LARA

Sarah Mercer - Fabulous!!!! I like schedules!

Tamara Mateu - Having my schedule when I’ve got married was what kept me sane!

Angel - Thanks for the timeline, Lara! We will definitely need to use this at our wedding.

Georgina Simmons - Oh my God! that pictures should be in a magazine! I love the movement of the dress…

Featured : The Wedding Chicks

I am excited beyond comprehension! I visit the Wedding Chicks blog for inspiration almost daily and for Brigitta & Adrian’s Vintage Glamour photo shoot to be featured in there was such a huge honor for me! It looks so simple but it’s unbelievable the amounts of work and planning involved in a shoot like this. I’m so lucky to have the greatest team around and after so much effort, it was definitely worth it! Go visit it, here’s the link

With Love, LARA

Danielle - Absolutely beautiful photos Lara!!!! Congrats!

ray santana - Major congrats… Goodtimes

Tami - The pictures are breathtaking! Congrats on the Wedding Chicks post, it’s fabulous!!

Feuza - so beautiful, congrats!!

Laurie Bracewell - So awesome Lara! Congratulations on the feature!! You deserve it. :)

Wedding Styled Shoot : Brigitta + Adrian

You might all remember Brigitta and Adrian from the vintage photo shoot at the “Vintage Emporium” back in May. Probably you already read the story but I literally “found” Brigitta eating at a Mexican restaurant. I was planning this vintage photo shoot in my mind and I just needed the model. The perfect girl with that beautiful, vintagy, almost angelical kind of look. Not an easy task, right? Well, when things are meant to be, the Universe conspires with you and everything happens like magic. There she was, eating in front of me waiting to be discovered and voila! You be the judge yourself, she is scandalously beautiful… Oh! Thank you Maritza for introducing me to my new favorite word: SCANDALOUS!!! LOL. Brigitta and Adrian, thank you so much, you guys are beautiful people inside and out. I’m so grateful I met you both and I hope we’ll keep hanging out in the future.

As you can imagine a photo shoot like this takes a lot of time of course, lots of planning, shopping, sketching, visualizing and most importantly: COLLABORATION. I’m lucky enough to have met the most wonderful team of professionals in the last months that helped me make this vision a reality, my girls: Maritza of Makeup by Marz, the most talented and sensitive makeup artist I’ve known. Claudia from The Art of Hair, who by the way was due to have her baby in less than 2 weeks and she’s such a trooper she committed no matter what. And last but definitely not least, my dear friend, wedding cake baker and event coordinator, Gabriela Jimenez who not only volunteered her gorgeous house for the shoot but she did all the flower arrangements and beautiful bouquet and also was the best host in the world (not a surprise there). THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. The three of you are the best of the best, you all rocked and I couldn’t have done any of this without your valuable help. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We make a fabulous team and that’s for sure!!! And now, without any further ado… The incredibly fabulous: Brigitta & Adrian!

With Love, LARA



Colby - Any idea where her dress is from? I’m in love with it and looking into having a vintage wedding.

24 Exposure Pink Flower Girl Wedding Camera | Christian Dior Career Blog - […] A Stunning Vintage Glamour Shoot With Brigitta & Adrian » LARA … […]

Marietta Carter-Narcisse - Brigitta is my son’s friend and he pointed out the photos to me. I am a makeup artist and I love the look. Beautiful photos. I love the setting, especially the tea settings amongst the roses. Love it. I also love a few of the other very interesting shots you have posted below. I appreciate the texture and depth of your artistry. Beautiful work.

Darling - “AMAZING” – way to go Lara. I hadn’t seen these images “WOW” – love the attention to detail, the setting, the crystal clear images, and the spark on the subjects eyes. Love them all!

Laurie Bracewell - LOVE these!! And love the light! So beautiful!

henry - What can I say Lara, LOVE IT!!!!!

sharon snow - Yikes! This is AMAZING Lara! I love your vision and creative ability, and Brigitta is perfect for these shots. I love the one of her laying down looking back at the camera, GORGEOUS! You just happened to nail the exposure as well. Seriously Girl, you are on. your. way.

Michele Mallet - For sure I will let you know about my renewal of wedding vows! Your creative talent is unquestionably what we want! Keep blessing all of us with your amazing skills. Love the whole Antique look…totally exquisite!

Cinthya - Great Pics Lara! Beautiful wedding!

Edward Rios - Wow! You just keep getting better and better! I love this pics and you! Besos~

Charlee - Applause!!! Also love the tablescaping!! Very very nice! Who are you using for makeup?

Maria Brito - Simple, Elegant and AMAZING.

Michele Mallet - Simply Gorgeous! Great job Lara!

Sara Bell - Simply beautiful!!

maritza - Oh Lara! I have no words to describe how lucky I feel to have met such a talented and genuine individual as yourself who shares the same artistic vision as me…truly a match made in heaven<3 It was so awesome collaborating with you on this project…and of course, once again you delivered jaw-dropping images!!

Epiphany Catholic Church Miami Wedding : Olga & Jose

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to go with Ray Santana to the most gorgeous and sophisticated wedding I have ever been. Over 1500 guests gathered in to celebrate Olga and Jose’s nuptials. The setting was a spectacular lush garden where no detail was overlooked. It was like being in a party at a Resort more than a wedding: I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E to say the least. The bride, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, wore an Oscar de la Renta gown and Christian Louboutin shoes. It was simply amazing, glamorous and so elegant.

With Love, LARA

ashleigh - these are beautiful lara!! what raw talent you have ;)

Luisana Roncajolo - Me encantan las fotos,la de la novia y el vestido quedó espectacular,te felicito!!

-brittany- - These are so awesome Lara! I am in love with that dress shot! What a fabulous fabulous opportunity!!!

D - you got skills my friend! and hello, what beautiful shoes!!!

Jennifer Brotchie - soo beautiful and cute! Love the sneakers! Keep it up girl!

Regina - Very nice work. Keep it up love em all.

Gavin Wade - Hey Lara!

Yeah…I think after that wedding we are ALL spoiled! It was so much fun seeing you again and hanging out! Great photos! It was such a fun day :) Hopefully Ray has me out again soon! Keep up the amazing work. I’ll say it again…I wish I had your eye and technical abilities when I was just starting out….sheesh!! Great work :)

Sara Bell - Beautiful – you have a natural eye – the technical will come – “little by little” :-)

Maria Brito - VERY NICE WORK. Looking forward to meeting you in April.