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The Breakers Hotel Wedding : Erin & Erik

When I learned that I was going to cover Erin and Erik’s wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach I knew right away it was going to be off the hook! Gorgeous couple, magnificent location, a wedding coordinator with impeccable taste and a perfect sunny Florida afternoon!

You might remember Erin and Erik from their romantic engagement session around Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. At the time, Erin was moving to New York to be with Erik where they were starting a new life. These two were so in love and so into each other that I didn’t have to give them much direction at all, they were just flowing in their bubble… How cute!!! Well, their wedding wasn’t too different from that. From the beginning of the day everything was perfect and the bride and groom were glowing with happiness and love. It was a dream come true wedding followed by nothing else than a honeymoon in France… Can we say R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C!!!

Shooting this wedding was my perfect cup of tea, I could shoot a wedding at The Breakers every weekend, it is just my style – the kind I like ;)

With Love, LARA



Erin & Erik’s The Breakers Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Lara Rios Fine Art Photography (Thanks to my hubby and Carolina Guzik for second shooting for me)

Wedding Planner, Styling & Coordination: Zoe Gallina

Venue: The Breakers Palm BeachKym Bichon

Decor: Design Studio at The BreakersRichard Grille

Band: The Powerhouse Band

Videographer: Brewer Photo and Video

Invitations: Elle Ette Designs

Make up: The Breakers Palm Beach – Sylvia Mora

Hair: Torrie Tiernan

sharon snow - Lara! Wowser! These images are aaamaaazing!!! Girl, you have come a long way in a such a short time, you should be incredibly proud of yourself! Truly gorgeous images!

henry - Looooooooooove it Lara you are Amazing.

Erin McDonough (The Bride) - Lara,

Thank you so very much for creating such beautiful, artistic, and unique memories for Erik and I to share for the rest of our lives together. We knew from the day we took our Engagement pictures with you, that you were the PERFECT photographer for our wedding. We were immediately comfortable working with you because you have such a strong vision for your pictures and the perfect plan to achieve the shots. In wedding planning there are so many decisions to be made, and having an experienced photographer, who knows what shots will leave us all breathless, was a major relief. After our Engagement pictures, we knew could follow your direction at our wedding and have pictures people want to publish in major magazines and blogs.

If we could have a list for qualities we wanted in our photgrapher, you would have exceeded far beyond what was on that list. Everyone from our wedding continues to ask who you are, because everyone loved working with you and the end result is simply delicious! You and your husband will forever be a part of the Schiller family, because we have you to thank for capturing such exquisite moments in our life. When we start our family, will be flying back to Florida so you can take our family pictures.

I could go on and on about how blessed we were to find you, but I think comments are supposed to be like a sentence! Thank you again Lara Rios! We look forward to seeing your pictures published because they deserve more than a frame in our home! You are an artist with a passion that is illuminated in all of your pictures!

Thank you Thank you! Erin and Erik Schiller (The Bride and Groom)

Jessenia Lopez-Rivera - Wow, what a beautiful bride,Your composition , colors and everything in between is just breath taking. Again lots of Congratulation.

Sarah Kate Snyder - These are BEYOND gorgeous – from the couple to the lighting to the beautiful decor this looks like a wedding for the ages!

Daniela Lopez - This is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous wedding and it is captured beautifully! I’m actually short for words, it’s all so beautiful :P

Andrea U. - Gorgeous wedding and incredible photos Lara!

Amy - wonderful Lara! Love the shot with the dress hanging from the chandelier. Classy and elegant.

Sylvia - Amazing! Every picture is a piece of art. I had to stop and look carefully at each one. Loooove it Lara.

Ximena - Lara you are the most amazing photographer, the way you have grown and evolved into this is just remarkable! Congratulations, these pictures are simply breathtaking!

Sofia M. - Wow… I can’t believe how beautiful this wedding and your pictures are! This is definitely my favorite wedding EVERRRR!

Alexa Diaz - SPEACHLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia Campos - Amiga querida, you make me proud!

Vivian Guerra - Lara you Rocked this wedding! I have scrolled up and down like 10 times, LOL. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!

Trista Barnett - Absolutely breathtaking!!!! They look so in love and I swear I almost cried /:) It’s overwhelming Lara – What an impeccable job!


NICOLE MCKENZIE - What an exquisite and beautiful wedding! First of all they are a gorgeous couple, love her dress, the shoes, the hair, the veil is to die for. And your pictures are amazing, all of them, the way you tell the story is awesome and that picture of the dress hanging from the chandelier took my breath away. Fabulous job Lara, you amaze me every time!

CAROLINA ESTRADA - I think I’ve seen these pictures like 30 times already… GORGEOUS Lara, all of it. Your eye, composition, exposure and sensibility are impeccable! WOW :)

Elizabeth - OH-MY-GOOOOD! It’s all I’m going to say by now… I’m going to look at them another 100 times and get back here…

Cocoplum Yacht Club Engagement : Michelle & Jorge


Miami Wedding Photographer – Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer – Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

Michelle - Thank you so much Lara for the beautiful pictures! And thanks for holding out in the heat and the rain! We are very excited you will be shooting our wedding :)
Xo- Michelle and Jorge

Alana Hardan - Beautiful couple! Love you Mich & Jorgie!

Melanie Fernandez - Lara,

We never met on Saturday but I’m one of Michelle’s bridesmaids. These pictures are beautiful!! Very excited for the wedding. xoxo

Raquel C. - Lara these pictures are stunning. Love the colors, the dress, the shoes… You always get the most gorgeous couples :P

Trista Barnett - Simply beautiful and the dramatic cloudy sky looks fantastic.

Gaby - Wow I love the marina theme, all the yachts and the super cute couple, lovely Lara :)
Besos, Gaby

Sunny Isles Engagement : Stephanie & David

When I met Stephanie and David I instantly knew they were the perfect couple for me. David is such a sweetheart, nice, nice guy and Stephanie type A, no-nonsense kind of girl… Just like me, LOL. They’re both super energetic and so much fun. Well, of course their engagement session was going to be a blast! Now I can’t wait for their wedding, I know she is going to look so gorgeous with her prince charming!!!

With Love, LARA



Stephanie & David’s Engagement Session Vendors:

Make up: Anais Guerra of Makeup by Anais

Raymond - WOW…..What a spectacular looking couple. Stephanie looks so happy and beautiful!!! David is David….(Handsome as Ever!) The photos are wonderful. Congratulations Lara in capturing the moment.

The Father of the Bride.

Gaby - OMG! These pictures are amazing, so beautiful and pleasant to the eyes! Not only they are uber-cute, it’s all so romantic and well put together. Love what they’re wearing. They must be so thrilled.

Fabiola Lopez - Lovely as always, wonderful shots and expressions!

jennifer Carter - I can’t pick one favorite, they all look soooo beautiful. What a good looking couple!

Rebecca - Love love love love love it all. SO cute! what a gorgeous girl and what a perfect lighting. They look like they’re just enjoying themselves, Fabulous!

Cindy - She is sooo pretty and the colors are so soft and nice. I really liked all the variety of poses and expressions, you really captured their souls very good. Good job!
Love your blog, Cindy

Megan - Absolutely gorgeous lighting and pastel tones

Selma - I m Steph’s mom and I was the stylist fir the shoot I chose stephs dress, davids shirt , make up artist and of course the talented Lara.
Great job.

Vivian G. - What a gorgeous couple, she has a mix between innocence and sexiness. Nice! Love her dress!!!!!!! What a beautiful job Lara, as usual :)

Claudia Campos - OMG! Love the colors, their outfits, the ocean, the sand… Perfection :)

Sarah Kate Snyder - What an absolutely perfect shade of blue in the ocean – and you really captured the sweetness of the couple too!

Carolina - These are super cute! and what a good looking couple :) Well done Lara, as always your photos are AMAZING!!!!

Villa Woodbine Wedding : Eli & Andy

I was so excited to start this week with this go-go-gorgeous wedding! When I first met Eli and Andy I knew right away that this was going to be a truly awesome wedding… honestly, they exceeded my expectations! A flawless day filled with absolutely stunning people wherever I looked! Unbelievably enough the bride was ready early which gave us plenty of time for fun and ohh! lots of pictures!!! I have never seen a bride so sweet and glowing with such happiness; I can see why Andy fell in love with her. The bridal party was fabulous all the girls I met were so much fun, pretty and they really partied like rock stars! The slideshow will come soon for more on the party!!! Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of everything that took place on Eli and Andy’s spectacular wedding day! I’m so happy for you guys, you make an incredibly perfect couple!

With Love, LARA



Eli & Andy’s Villa Woodbine Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Lara Rios (Thank you Jillian Tree for helping me out!)
Coordinator: The wonderful Eric Trelles from E|T Events
Getting Ready Bride: The Biltmore Hotel
Getting Ready Groom: Grove Isle Hotel & Spa
Florist: Nevot Flowers
Videographer: My awesome friend Luis from Utopia
Transportation: Meilan

Cristina - Elegant wedding, spectacular place, beautiful pictures! Congratulations Eli & Andy, you both looked soooo happy…Isa, felicidades, I know how thrilled you must be….and may I say you looked like one of the bridemaids…STUNNING. Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures Lara!

Andy (Groom) - Lara:

We just got back from FIJI. Wonderful, wonderful time. I just wanted to affirm that you made Eli’s dream come true with your professionalism and artistic touch through your art. You have an amazing ability to make any couple feel confident, stress-free and maintain the right mood at all times. I will continue to commend your work to all! Thank you once again for capturing the perfect day, with the perfect woman – my new wife.

Eli F Perez - Lara!!!! We are in Fiji looking at the beautiful and amazing picures you took. WOW! We are speechless and so happy. You are the best photographer and we are so thankful for you. I cannot tell you how happy you’ve made us. Our wedding was a dream come true for us. We feel blessed you captured every single moment, so that we will never forget it. We love you lots and will call you next week. Now its Fiji time…xoxo, The Newlyweds!

kristy - All the pictures look AMAZING. You did a great job Lara. Love it all!!!!!!!!

Kelley Rodriguez - AMAZING! Lara these pics are spectacular! And you were so much fun to work with! The perfect photos for a perfect wedding! Congrats again ELI & ANDY! Love you both! XO, proud bridesmaid :)

Isa Ferradas (mom) - Lara,
First of all a big THANK YOU….you are not only a true professional but a lovely lady too…it was a true pleasure meeting you on Saturday….I don’t have enough words to describe how pleased I am with your job…the pictures are beautiful…I can’t wait to see the rest. Everything was perfect…..I thank God for you and for all who made this day a super special day for Eli and Andy.
Isa (proud mom of the bride).

Jenna - Lovely work and such an adorable couple!!

Laura Fonseca - Oh. My. These are breathtaking photos, simply exquisite!

Georgina Simmons - Wowww Like a fairytale picture book! What a beautiful and happy couple. Every time I visit this blog im just lost for words!

Heather - Oh my goodness! I ADORE this wedding Lara! Everything about it was simple and so elegant! you did an incredible job capturing their day!

Jennifer - Dang! Sweet wedding and sexy bride! I totally dig it :P

Sonia - I can totally feel the love they share! How wonderful. They are all amazing Lara, as usual :)

Karen - I can’t get enough of this wedding. How beautiful. Such a perfect bright Florida day!!

Romina C. - I could kill for her dress!!! Actually for her entire look! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!
And Lara, you are amazing!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Heizer - Sexy Couple, Beautiful Wedding, Gorgeous Photos, Awesome shots, I love your work!!!
Love, K.

Darling Paumen - I love them!

Nessa - Amazing Lara! what a stunning wedding!

Erika Leslie - What a fun couple! I AM IN LOVE WITH HER DRESS!!! Who makes it? You do amazing work Lara!

Claudia Aguilar - I have never seen a more perfect bridal party, you’re right, they’re all gorgeous :)
Beautiful work Lara, you are an amazing photographer… What an eye for beauty!

SOFIA C. - Wow what a beautiful couple and happy bride! Love the colors!!!

Rebecca - OH MY GOD!!!! How beautiful! Yes the couple is simply stunning – granted – but the pictures are awesome and they really tell a story :) Love Love Love them all!

Featured : Wedding Blog by The Breakers

Every Friday the fabulous team from the Wedding Blog by The Breakers features a real wedding at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. I’m a declared fan of The Breakers maybe because it’s my favorite place in the world and this past Friday it was Erin and Erik’s turn to be on display. You may remember Erin and Erik’s engagement session in Las Olas Boulevard and later I covered their fairy tale wedding at The Breakers! I am incredibly happy and honored and hopefully this is just the beginning of many more weddings at this prestigious Palm Beach location!!!

With Love, LARA

Fort Lauderdale Engagement : Adela & Maciej

When I first met Adela and Maciej (pronounced Magic – how cool) we extended our bridal consultation from one hour that they usually last to something like four hours! It was like we were friends forever and we met again after not seeing each other for years… funny, agh? Well, this weekend was their engagement session and of course – as it was expected – we had a blast.

Adela picked the famous red train I used for Karen’s photo shoot but the train is abandoned in a not-so-nice-area of the city, and thank God the homeless guy that was taking a nap in the train decided to depart right before we started our shoot :) trust me, I wasn’t going to wake him up!

Then we finish our shoot at the beach of Fort Lauderdale and the sand was full of jelly fish all over the place, how weird, but that didn’t stop these kids from having a great time!!!

With Love, LARA


Maciej Stachurski - I know this guy!!
Congrats 2U both, u look great!! :)
Greetings from Warsaw!!!

claudia guidotti - Great pictures!!! Looking forward to see you both!

Katonya Hampton - OMG I love them you both look so happy. Just beautiful!!! So happy for you both.

Mari - Omg I Loveeee these pics! The love and happiness that you two share is absolutely captivating! I love you both. May Gob bless your marriage and your future lives as one! -Mari <3 aka The Bestee! Mwa!

Patricia Bailey - Congrats on those beautiful pictures. You guys look like movies stars! I am sure you will remember this moment forever. Love you guys! See you soon!

Soymar Tinoco - Wow! im really happy for you Adela… Congratulations to you and your fiance, i wish you the best of luck.. Love the pictures!

Nicholas Stasiulis - AMAZING PICTURES LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

Julia H.Bomba - Oh my goddddddddinheaven! these are too precious!!!!!! you look so cute and so in love, which, you are in real life but the fotos really capture your happy spirits. I can’t wait for the wedding! and the reception, which will be the most fun ever! love you guys!

P.S. i wrote a song for you guys, so when we come to Florida i’ll sing it for you <3.

Monique Smith - Theses photos are amazing. They really capture to love you share… I’m honored to be among the first to witness.

Magdalena Kabelis - Beautiful images! Can’t wait for the wedding pix!!

Jenifer R - Lara these are simply lovely! I can feel their connection! Awesome!!!!!!!!!

Adela - WOW Amazing shots. Beautiful colors. Can’t wait for more!!

Gaby - I’m in love with those train shots, the colors and the sun are so beautiful. She’s go-go-gorgeous too! So I guess that helps :)

Vivian Guerra - Love the lighting Lara! Stunning as usual :P

Nicole Weir - Gorgeous couple and I love how you captured their real expressions!

South Beach Engagement : Eli & Andy : Part 2

You all remember part one of Eli and Andy’s engagement session right? We were having the best time on the streets of South Beach and just when we were starting to warm up, it started raining! Great right? Well, actually yes. Everything happens for a reason… We rescheduled and the weather was fantastic and the sun was to die for, much better than the first time. But regardless of the weather, shooting with Eli and Andy is such a pleasure. They are great company, fun fun people and they are so into each other that they make my life very easy… I mean, when you have these kind of gorgeous subjects, taking bad pictures is really difficult :) I would have to be a really bad photographer, LOL… I’m super excited and honored to be their wedding photographer. Enjoy!

With Love, LARA

kristy - great pictures. beautiful!

eli - Lara, thanks again for another amazing photo-shoot. We love the pictures. Next up…our wedding!!! Yay! xoxo, Eli

Amy - Simply lovely!

Sofia - So cute! I love the romantic feel of these shots.


Vivia Guerra - Very romantic for sure, I really like the lighting in these… You have a way to capture people’s emotions so good :)

Claudia U. - Gooorgeous Lara as always. What a cute couple!

Vizcaya Museum Engagement : Sarah & Drew

Can you picture a more perfect couple in any better environment? I can’t. Sarah and I met years ago while working for the same company. Back in the day, when we were working for EDSA, I would have never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, that one day I was going to turn my life upside down, become a wedding photographer and even less, taking pictures of Sarah and her fiance, Drew. We didn’t work for the same studio nor even on the same floor, so we were what it’s called “acquaintances” (first time in my life I write or even say this word – LOL) Anyway, a couple of years had gone by, both our lives took different directions and suddenly she’s been put back on my path… Sarah’s got engaged to a wonderful man and they’re planning their wedding. And here we are… not acquaintances anymore but – dare I say – FRIENDS. I have grown so fond of Sarah and I’m so proud to be now her wedding photographer.

Last week I posted some pictures about the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and how much I would love to shoot a wedding there. When Sarah, who is one of my loyal blog readers, saw it, she jumped to the opportunity and said that she always wanted to have her pictures taken there… so that’s it… Voila! Perfect romantic location, the weather and the sun were glorious and Sarah and Drew… well… so in love! We shot this e-session the day before Drew was being deployed until next year so needless to say, this shoot was kind of a bittersweet and very emotional for both of them! You know, but in no time they’ll be together again, for the wedding!!! I’m so fortunate to be a tiny part of all this and I feel so GRATEFUL…

Super special thanks to the beautiful work of the Uber-Duper-Talented Claudia from The Art Of Hair – I LOVED Sarah’s hair so much – and of course the lovely Maritza from Make Up by Marz! You ladies are an incredible team!!!

With Love, LARA

Leslie - These are one of the most amazing engagement pictures I have ever seen. You and Drew look beautiful in all of them. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Love ya, Leslie

Sara Bell - WOW!! Lara, you have outdone yourself and Sarah, absolutely gorgeous!! Job well done ladies (and Drew)- I can’t even pick a favorite – I love them all xoxo

Alex - Wow this is so beautiful!

Sharon - Wow I think this is one of the most gorgeous engagement session I’ve seen… What a beautiful place and what an incredibly good looking couple!

Claudia - Awesome pictures great location & great people! Sarah looks so beautiful shes so tall like a supermodel. :) Love them!

Paulina - —— Lack of words! I got goosebumps. Lara you are so amazing, really capture the LOVE! Sarah & Drew – Perfect <3

Liz Dale - What amazing pictures! Love them all. Sarah and Drew make one georgeous couple. I wish them nothing but happiness.

joan and Dick Rogers - Joan and I have a particular fondness for Viscaya. For many years Joan was a guide there and for a couple of years, the president of the guides. We have many fond memories of the place and events including the wedding of our youngest son.

You two are a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing.

Miranda Estes - So, so, so beautiful! Love these, especially the one in front of the “boat!”

Diana Simmons - Ohhh… Sarah and Drew look so happy in love. I love Vizcaya and you got the best lighting in the world. I can’t wait to see their wedding pictures ;-)


Sofia Vitale - Wow she is so fabulously gorgeous like you’d say, and they make such a good couple, they both look like models!! Are they? Anyways, stunning pictures as usual, you never disappoint my friend!!!!!

LILITA S. - Gorgeous backlighting in these images Lara. I really like all the different poses, angles, everything :) Love your blog.
Besos y mas exitos!!

Emily Baer - I’m trying to find the word to describe this shoot… I think this is my favorite engagement session… EVER! I love everything about it. Your composition is amazing and the backlit sun to die for. Breath taking for sure. That’s a really good looking couple by the way. They’re hot :P

Adela Redondo - Gorgeous photos. I can’t wait for our turn there!

Susana J. - She looks like a super model…. Love Love Love them ALL :)

ERICA - Beautiful couple. Beautiful location. Beautiful lighting. Beautiful pictures. Should I say more?

Natalia - Fantastic! Looks perfect for a magazine…Sarah looks amazing! Congrats to the very happy couple.

Justine Henriques - My goodness the pics are amazing. Both look wonderful you can see the love between Sarah and Drew through the pics! Great location.

Karla - What a lovely couple! And you got to shoot at a location you love, Lara.

Brittany Hajek - You did a wonderful job capturing the love Sarah and Drew share!

Sarah Kate Snyder - Holy smokes those photos are AMAZING! I can’t decide which I love most – the setting, the couple or the pics themselves!!

Aida Luna - Seriously? Oh my god what a gorgeous shoot of a gorgeous couple. Love that place :)

Sarah Mercer - AAaahhhhh! Love, Love, LOVE them!!!! You’re the best!!!!

Stephanie - Can I say that for the first time I have no words? Wow Wow Lara these are STUNNING! Really! and she’s gooorgeous. Is she a model? I can’t wait to see how you capture their wedding.

Vivian Guerra - OMG! BREATHTAKING to say the least… This is by far your most stunning photo shoot ever Lara. I can’t believe how beautiful these are. The lighting is incredible! Not to mention the couple, they’re both gorgeous!
Love, Vivi